Remodelling Services

Retaining Sentimental Value

Do you have some old jewellery you don’t wear anymore? Or family heirlooms passed down from generations you would love to wear, but its just not your style?

Remodelling is a great way to keep the sentimental value of your old jewellery, while recreating them into a stunning piece you will treasure and wear with confidence. Re using the same diamonds or gemstones, even melting down the old gold and forming it into a new piece you will actually wear. It’s a truly unique process, and an opportunity to make an old, or sentimental piece uniquely yours.

Other than sentimental value, remodelled jewellery is a great option for keeping costs relatively low, and of course environmentally friendly, as you may already have all the gold, or stones you would like to use.

At Danny lee Designs we work with you to bring your ideas to life. You are welcome to come into our workshop for an obligation free design appointment, where we work through your ideas together.

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