3D cad drawing of diamond ring


The only limitation is your imagination

Cad – Computer Aided Design – technology is such a wonderful thing. And in the jewellery industry it has taken designs to a whole new level. It has provided us to expand the possibilities of design and manufacture beyond what we have ever known. From the simplest idea to the most intricate design, it seems the only limitation is your imagination.

Do you have an idea of something you would like made? Maybe you have a photo of something similar to what you would like, but want to see it before its created to make sure its exactly to your specifications?

Cad allows us to bring your ideas to life, however intricate the design may be! After understanding your ideas and inspiration, we then create realistic 3-dimensional renders of your unique design. The benefits of this? Other that being able to make pretty much anything, our Cad services allow you to see the design before manufacturing. You’re able to see your idea come to life, and easily make changes before finalizing and commencing.  All our cad pieces are then assembled, set, and finished by hand in our workshop. Keeping our commitment of high quality jewellery.

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