Danny Lee Designs

Danny has over 35 years of experience in design and manufacture. Starting with a jewellery apprenticeship in 1986. In these 4 years Danny developed an intimate love and knowledge of his materials, which now embodies each piece he creates.

Upon completion of his training Danny worked for many of Melbourne’s most prestigious jewellery houses. Acquiring a keen interest in the precious and semi-precious gems he worked with, he traveled to the mines in Rubyvale, far north Queensland.

Here he learnt


the techniques involved in mining and cutting sapphires. Many of the precious stones he found on his trip still feature in his work today.

The high calibre of Danny’s work has been achieved through his unique experience, detailed skill, and immense passion for his work. Danny Lee’s aspirations are met with those who expect excellence in service, and design of outstanding
quality jewellery.

Danny specialises in classic and contemporary styles of earrings, rings and necklaces. Having access to a large inventory of GIA certified diamonds from around the world, means Danny can source stones to your specific requirements and at very competitive prices!

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